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RainCatcher 200L Wall Mounted Rainwater Tank / Water Butt - Black

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The RainCatcher 200L wall-mounted water butt aesthetically compliments any property; a “plug and play” system for simple rainwater storage, water attenuation, or a full harvesting system for your home or garden.

The wall mounted, space saving RainCatcher 200 litre solution is a unique and practical British-made Rainwater Harvesting tank to aesthetically compliment any property, be it domestic, commercial or industrial for uses such as simple rainwater storage, a form of storm water attenuation or as a full rain water harvesting system for the garden or home with the addition of water filtration and pumping equipment.

A “plug and play” system ensures the product can be expanded with a minimal effort to harvest rainwater for many other applications. Also suitable for use as a throttled attenuation for storm water management, our 200L solution is a mere 200mm deep, thereby providing an unobtrusive method of storing rainwater for future use in the narrowest of spaces. It’s simple to install and has very low maintenance needs.

RainCatcher 200 Wall-Mounted Water Butt


  • Length 1,150mm
  • Depth 200mm
  • Height 1,150mm
  • Weight (approx.) 18kg

This wall mounted tank is available in black or green (see separate listing) is also fully approved on the WTL with a full 100% capital allowance tax rebate available for commercial installations, and features:

Key Features

  • 5 quality brass ingress/egress points
  • Quality removable lid allowing full access to the tank to place pumps or additional fittings
  • Snap action tap (included) with upgrade to chrome or brass optional
  • Wall fitting kit (included)
  • Factory modifiable on request, i.e. tap to the side/special fittings, etc.

Trade enquiries are welcome.

RainCatcher 200 Wall-Mounted Water Butt

RainCatcher P&S Ltd

Remember, we are rainwater harvesting specialists and UK manufacturers of many brands including the famous RainCatcher range and, as such, we have many trade offers throughout the year to ensure we remain competitive at all times. When comparing prices and service please keep in mind that we are a rain water harvesting training establishment, offering regular training courses both non certified and certified to the industry and basic courses for those who just wish to learn a bit about this green technology. We recommend you obtain details of a qualified installer from one of our team members if installing a complex system; this coupled with our price match guarantee should give you peace of mind when looking to purchase any system or component from us or when looking at training options. Please note the RainCatcher brand of tanks and filters are manufactured in the UK. Terms and conditions of sale available on request.

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