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  • Courier Update

    Temporary Change To The POD Process

    This will stand as a valid POD

    A temporary measure has been implemented for recipients who may wish not to touch the courier’s handheld terminal. Upon such an occasion the recipient’s name will be entered into the terminal by the courier, then CV will be entered into the signature.

  • Garden Edging

    Ecogrid Edging

    The ultimate garden edging strip

    The "EcoGrid Edge" is totally flexible and can be used to create any curve or straight edge you may need. Featuring a unique sturdy place and pin fixture, the edge seamlessly joins to form a continuous line

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  • Water Butt Packages

    Water Butt Packages

    Palletised deals direct from stock

    Water Butt packages available direct from our stock in the North West, with palletised delivery and expert advice available!

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  • Gabion baskets

    0.55m, 3mm thickness

    Manufactured from galfan wire, providing four times the lifespan of regular galvanised finishes, resulting in a highly durable and resilient product.

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