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Next Working Day Service | 11 am Cut Off Point For Palletised Deliveries | 2 pm Cut Off Point For Everything Else

Vis-Track Hi Visibility Heavy Duty Access Mats

Original price £3.60 - Original price £4,860.00
Original price
£3.60 - £4,860.00
Current price £162.00

Introducing the Vis-Track Hi Visibility Heavy Duty Access Mats from Eco Trade Counter – your go-to solution for temporary access and ground protection. These mats are designed to thrive in low-light and adverse weather conditions, offering enhanced visibility and robust support for temporary roadways, walkways, and overflow car parks.


Eco Trade Counter proudly presents Vis-Track Hi Visibility Heavy Duty Access Mats – a ground-breaking solution for demanding conditions, providing superior visibility and reliable support for both short and long-term projects.


Vis-Track Mats redefine safety and durability in temporary access and ground protection. Explore flexible options, including short or long-term hiring, leasing, or our convenient buyback scheme, all while prioritising safety and performance.

Innovative Features:

Equipped with a non-slip top traction surface, Vis-Track Mats significantly enhance vehicle grip and forward motion, minimising sideway slippage even in challenging weather or ground conditions. Safety is paramount, with an anti-slip bottom surface catering to pedestrians.

Versatile Applications:

These mats are a game-changer in the construction, civil engineering, and groundwork industries, providing effective solutions for festivals and outdoor events. Whether for heavy plant and machinery or personnel and the public, Vis-Track Mats deliver crucial support across various projects.

Material and Construction:

Crafted from 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), these mats combine durability with environmental responsibility. Featuring six strategically placed hand holes, they ensure easy offloading from trucks or pallets, making them ideal for short and long-term projects, available in new or used condition.

Customisation and Connectivity:

Enhance visibility with hi-visibility yellow mats. Connect rows or grids seamlessly using various connection systems, tailored to different ground conditions, weather, and applications. The lightweight yet heavy-duty nature ensures cost-effective transport and quick, two-person installations.


  • Sizes Available:
    • Full Size: 2.4m [L] x 1.2m [W] x 12mm [D]
  • Weight: 36Kg
  • Load Capacity: Suggested 50 tonnes (depending on ground conditions)
  • Handholes: 6
  • Connection Holes: 4
  • Material: 100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and 100% recyclable
  • Colour: Hi-visibility yellow

Application and Connectivity:

From ground protection in heritage sites/eco-sensitive areas to creating temporary roadways, car parks, pedestrian walkways, and emergency access routes, these mats are versatile. Connect them seamlessly with 2-way or 4-way connectors and more.

Handling & Storage:

Exercise caution by wearing gloves during handling. Our delivery includes pre-wrapped packs with pallets, securely banded with polyester strips for safe transport and mechanical equipment storage.


Avoid using Steel Tracked vehicles without pre-authorisation. Eco Trade Counter accepts no liability for damage, loss, or injury resulting from installation and ground conditions during product use.

Eco Trade Counter is committed to providing tailored solutions for your unique needs, offering additional options from our extensive range. Illuminate your projects with safety and efficiency using Vis-Track Hi Visibility Heavy Duty Access Mats – where visibility meets durability seamlessly.


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