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Next Working Day Service | 11 am Cut Off Point For Palletised Deliveries | 2 pm Cut Off Point For Everything Else

EcoMat Rubber Matting

Original price £5.04 - Original price £810.00
Original price
£5.04 - £810.00
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Eco Trade Counter introduces EcoMat Rubber Matting, a versatile solution for all your ground protection needs. Unlike conventional options, EcoMat seamlessly blends with your natural surroundings, providing an eco-friendly and efficient solution for both short and long-term applications.


EcoMat is meticulously designed to safeguard the integrity of your ground surface while fostering the growth of grass through its unique anti-slip cellular structure. Offering adaptability and ease of installation, this matting solution is a testament to Eco Trade Counter's commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Ideal for temporary access and ground protection, EcoMat is available in various options, including used/2nd hand, short/long-term hire, lease, or finance, complemented by a convenient buyback scheme. The mat's non-slip surface ensures a secure grip, making it suitable for diverse terrains and applications.


  • Anti-Slip Design: Navigate steep pathways and slopes confidently with EcoMat's non-slip surface.

  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Crafted from 100% recycled UV-stabilised rubber, EcoMat promotes soil retention and erosion control.

  • Effortless Installation: Lightweight and hollow, EcoMat requires minimal effort for installation, accommodating one person effortlessly.


  • Used/2nd Hand
  • Hire Short/Long
  • Lease or Finance
  • Buyback Scheme

Material and Load Capacity:

Manufactured from 100% recycled UV-stabilised rubber, EcoMat supports loads of up to 225Kg, tested with a conventional petrol mower.


  • Sizes Available:

    • 1m [L] x 1.5m [W] x 10mm [D]
    • 1m [L] x 1.5m [W] x 16mm [D]
    • 1m [L] x 1.5m [W] x 22mm [D]
  • Weight: 8Kg (based on smallest size)

Application and Connectivity:

  • Temporary Pedestrian Walkways
  • Light Groundworks Flooring
  • Landscaping
  • Suitable for Dry or Partially Wet Conditions

Handling & Storage:

Exercise caution by wearing gloves during handling. Mats are delivered in pre-wrapped packs with pallets incorporated and banded with polyester strips for safe transport and storage using mechanical equipment.


Adhere to guidelines and avoid using vehicles with this product. Elite GSS Ltd disclaims liability for any damage, loss, or injury resulting from the installation and ground conditions during product use.

Embrace the future of ground protection with EcoMat from Eco Trade Counter, where sustainability meets innovation seamlessly.


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