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DAB Divertron Submersible Multi-Impeller Electronic Pump

by DAB
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£414.38 - £574.38
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SKU DAB-Div_650

DAB Divertron Submersible Multi-Impeller Electronic Pump, a dependable and effective solution for enhancing water pressure and facilitating a range of water-related tasks. Crafted by DAB Water Technology, a respected brand in the industry, this pump is meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding performance and versatility.

The Divertron pump proves highly suitable for applications like rainwater recovery, garden watering, irrigation, and boosting water pressure in residential building services. Whether you require watering for plants, pool filling, or household water supply, this pump meets your diverse needs.

Boasting a submersible design, the Divertron pump ensures seamless operation when fully immersed in water. It capably handles clean liquids devoid of solid or abrasive substances, with non-viscous, non-aggressive, non-crystallized, and chemically neutral properties. Its impressive maximum immersion depth of 12 meters allows for reliable performance across a broad spectrum of water sources.

The Divertron pump ingeniously integrates pivotal components for automated functionality. Equipped with a pressure switch, flow sensor, and control electronics, the pump commences and halts autonomously based on your system's requirements. This feature guarantees energy efficiency and safeguards against dry running, thereby enhancing the pump's longevity.

The Divertron pump offers eight distinct model variants to cater to diverse demands:

  • 650 (Standard Version)
  • 650A (With Float)
  • 650X (X Version)
  • 650X Kit (With Filter & Ball Float)
  • 900 (Standard Version)
  • 900A (With Float)
  • 900X (X Version)
  • 900X Kit (With Filter & Ball Float)

The standard versions, 650 and 900, deliver dependable water pressure for an array of applications. Models with floats, 650A and 900A, provide the added convenience of automated operation and water level control. The X versions, 650X and 900X, cater to specific installation requirements. Lastly, the X Kit variants, 650X Kit and 900X Kit, incorporate supplementary features like an anti-debris filter or compatibility with a float suction kit.

Installation and maintenance of the Divertron pump are remarkably effortless. The pump arrives complete with a 15-meter power cable and plug, allowing for convenient setup. Its integrated start capacitor, easily accessible without disassembling the pump, streamlines operations. Additionally, the inclusion of a non-return valve effectively prevents backflow.

Opt for the DAB Divertron Submersible Multi-Impeller Electronic Pump to experience dependable and efficient water pressure. With its wide range of model variants, this pump seamlessly caters to diverse needs, be it for your garden, pool, well, or rainwater reuse. Embrace the quality and performance offered by DAB Water Technology, and simplify your water-related tasks with confidence.


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