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DAB Divertron Floating Suction Kit

by DAB
Original price £96.74 - Original price £139.19
Original price
£96.74 - £139.19
Current price £96.74

DAB Divertron Floating Suction Kit, an exceptional accessory designed to elevate the performance of your Divertron X version pump. This kit presents a dependable solution for effectively extracting water from diverse sources, delivering unparalleled ease of use and efficiency.

Exclusively compatible with the Divertron X version pumps, the Floating Suction Kit empowers you to achieve efficient water suction for your pumping requirements. Whether you rely on rainwater, well water, or any other water source, this accessory guarantees seamless operation and expanded versatility.

Tailor the kit to your exact specifications by choosing from two available lengths: the 2m or 5m option. This adaptability allows for customization based on the desired depth or distance necessary to access your water source accurately.

Meticulously crafted with a focus on precision and durability, the DAB Divertron Floating Suction Kit employs premium-grade materials, ensuring unwavering performance and enduring reliability. Its ingenious design integrates a floating mechanism that ensures the suction point remains at the water's surface, effectively preventing debris intake and facilitating the extraction of cleaner water.

Experience hassle-free installation as the Floating Suction Kit effortlessly connects to the X version of the Divertron pump, establishing a secure and watertight seal. The kit's user-friendly design simplifies the setup process, enabling you to swiftly configure the accessory and commence water extraction with unwavering confidence.

Expand the capabilities of your Divertron X version pump with the exceptional DAB Divertron Floating Suction Kit. Whether you're utilizing rainwater for irrigation, filling a pool, or tackling any other water-related task, this accessory guarantees efficient water extraction and steadfast performance. Select the ideal length to seamlessly accommodate your unique setup requirements and relish the unparalleled convenience and adaptability offered by DAB Water Technology.


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