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Next Working Day Service | 11 am Cut Off Point For Palletised Deliveries | 2 pm Cut Off Point For Everything Else
Next Working Day Service | 11 am Cut Off Point For Palletised Deliveries | 2 pm Cut Off Point For Everything Else

This cover is made to match your tiled surfaces, indoors or outdoors, without any visible gaps. It has a frame size of 600mm x 600mm on top, which corresponds to the standard tile size for beauty. To fit this cover, you only need to cut the tile (600x600mm) slightly to fit inside the tray and make holes for the hidden barrel lifting points. The grout lines will be aligned, giving a smooth and elegant effect.

The clear opening size of this cover is 494mm x 494mm, which is the size of the hole in the ground that is being covered. You can look at the second image for more details. The best way to select the right cover for your project is by measuring the size of the hole.

This cover is recessed for concrete, screed or tile infill, which means you can fill the tray with the same material as your surface for a uniform look. It has a 10 tonne gross plated weight load bearing capacity, which makes it suitable for domestic vehicles. This cover is compatible with COM02285 Lifting Keys, which are sold separately.

All of our recessed covers for tile matching feature a double neoprene seal and a screw-locking function, which ensure a snug and secure fit. These covers are ideal for internal rooms, tiled floors, patios, playgrounds and other areas where you want to maintain a high-quality appearance. If you prefer a decorative finish of brass, aluminium or stainless steel, we can provide that as well; just let us know and we can quote for it.


  • Clear Opening: 494mm x 494mm
  • Inset in Tray: 70mm
  • Overall Frame Size: 600mm x 600mm
  • Overall Depth: 78mm (not including support)

Tech Spec

  • Made of completely galvanised steel for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Equipped with factory fitted double neoprene sealing gasket to prevent unwanted odours and leaks
  • Secured with four stainless steel screws for easy installation and removal
  • COM02285 Lifting Keys can be used to lift the tray and gain access to the chamber when required, sold separately
  • Meets the FACTA standards 7.0, 7.2, 7.2.1, 7.2.3 and 7.3.3, as well as mild steel material grade according to BS EN 1449:1991/EN10025, and galvanised standards to BS EN 1461:1999

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