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RainCatcher Rain Bloc 300 Litre Storm Crate - Pack of 10

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Small change_Ñ_ big impact on flood risk areas! Standard product is black. Green option is also available dependant on load bearing requirement.

Small change_Ñ_ big impact on flood risk areas!

Did you know local rainwater attenuation is often required by law? RainCatcher_Ñés leading range of high performance, easy-to-install tanks, filters, pumps and our new range of storm crats are on hand to meet these needs.

Introducing the RainCatcher Rain bloc infiltration and attenuation crate system - with 300 litre capacity. Using this innovative system, surface water is diverted or soaks down into crates and from there dissipates into the lower ground clearing water quickly from the surface.

  • Drainage anti-flooding storm crates for rapid drainage of land.
  • HGV load quality for use in driveways, car parks, pitches, lawns and areas prone to localised flooding.
  • Made of polypropylene with dimensions 1200mm (l) x 600mm (w) x 420mm(h), holding a maximum capacity of 300 litres gross.

To build the attenuation system, the blocks are connected together to achieve required capacity and design. Where storage and reuse of the water is preferred, the block system can be wrapped in a water-proof membrane forming a large underground tank that can be pumped for other use.

Simple to install

The RainCatcher Rain Bloc can be installed in rows or block form, with 1 to a maximum of 10 layers, depending on the local conditions and the desired storage capacity. Installing the module is easy, fast and can be done without heavy equipment - a Rain Bloc weighs just 15 kg.

Effective management of flood risk will only be achieved through continuous change in the management of rainwater runoff _ÑÓ RainCatcher are always here to help.

(PACK OF 10)

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