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Garantia Lilo 7500L Rainwater Harvesting Flat Tank

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The 7500L capacity Garantia Lilo Flat Tank, specifically developed for Rainwater Harvesting and fully ECA approved on the Water Technologies List.


The Garantia Lilo is an alternative to the Graf Platin Flat Tank. The Lilo is fully ECA approved on the Water Technologies List.

It includes a pedestrian lid, though cast iron options are available for trafficked applications.

The Lilo Rainwater Flat Tank was specially developed for rainwater harvesting. It features a minimum installation depth, which translates into a short installation time and low installation costs as there is no concrete backfill required.

You will see on our website that we offer complete rainwater harvesting packages incorporating the Lilo Flat Tank, but should you have specific requirements please don't hesitate to get in touch and we can cater a bespoke system to your needs.

Length 2890mm, width 2300mm, height 265mm, weight 240kg.


We can offer pre-assembled deals for the following items:

  • Filter Package
  • Linking Kit
  • Pump Shackle to Access Shaft
  • Pump Package
  • Pump Lifting Rope

We also offer maintenance, site visits and installations for rainwater harvesting tanks and systems. Please contact us for details if you would be interested in these services.

We guarantee to beat any like for like quotation. Trade enquiries are welcome.

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