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Ecogrid resin bound stone 3.5 square metre kit: Pearl Blend

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Ecogrid resin bound stone 3.5 square metre kit: Pearl Blend

This is a full kit 3.5 square metre kit at a depth of 20mm for Ecogrid resin bound stone installations to include:

  • Appropriate amounts of the clean aggregate blend you require
  • 7.5 KG kits of our UV stable resin
  • Ecogrid permeable base system
  • Suitable amounts of our geotextile membrane for the job

Extras available: Our Ecogrid Aluflex edging system which is 64mm in depth, resulting in a 20mm riser height above the Ecogrid base system in order to get a continuous 20mm coverage of resin bound stone.

We also have a 19mm Ecogrid Aluflex edge to place any pattern within an installation by laying and pinning this edge to the top of the Ecogrid grid system to the required shape.

To measure up how much you need, measure the area to be covered and devide by 3.5. This will give you the amounts of full kits you need. Round up to the nearest fill figure.

Resin bound stone is a new and effective way of providing a highly aesthetic surface for your home or business premises. It can be installed internally or externally to provide a surface that is both very robust and load bearing, but also fully permeable. This means that any water that hits the surface will freely drain through the resin bound topping and through the EcoGrid base system to naturally dissipate in to the water table.  

These types of surfaces have an obvious advantage in current times as they are free draining and therefore effectively add to flood risk prevention. A resin bound surface is SuDS compliant and requires no planning permission; an important fact with the newly introduced surface water regulations.  

Resin bound stone should not be confused with resin bonded stone. Bound means in simple terms, that the pieces of aggregates and fines are firmly adhered together with a highly robust bonding system which actually has 20% voids, thus allowing water and fine detritus to pass freely through.  

In the past, resin bound stone was floated over a variety of sub-bases such as porous asphalt, tarmac or shredded rubber. Whereas these are perfectly acceptable sub-bases, they are not very environmentally friendly, difficult to lay, very costly and require a high skill set to install.  

The EcoGrid system employs patented EcoGrid as the permeable, load bearing base. This is a product that is made from completely recycled materials and has a load bearing capability up to 800 tonnes per square metre. The grids carry a patented locking mechanism that is unique to this product and ensures that once the grid is locked in place, it stays in place. The grid system has a low surface area of exposed plastic, allowing a strong bond between the stone infill and the resin bound surface.   


Excavation can be from as little as 180mm for standard vehicle domestic applications meaning that there are a number of inherent advantages: Less excavation therefore less waste to landfill and quicker preparation; Less requirement for hard-core; Swift installation of the entire base system at 100 metres per man per hour; No down time due to inclement weather as the base can be laid in the wet, No inconvenience to clients as the grids are immediately load bearing.  

        A type 3 reduced fines or clean sharp angular stone hard-core base to ensure maximum permeability and strength is laid to required depths (generally 60-100mm for domestic driveways).  

        A membrane layer is laid on the top of the hard-core layer, this stabilises the ground, stops weed growth, stops the migration of the sub-base and acts as an important hydrocarbon filtration layer.  

        A thin (10-20mm) sharp sand or fine clean stone screed is laid on the membrane to ‘bed in’ the grids. 

        The grids are laid and curves are put in place with our unique Aluminium Aluflex curving unit as required.  

        The grids are filled with the same sharp angular stone as the screed layer.  

        Once the EcoGrid is laid, any shapes or angular cuts can be put in with a standard angle grinder. Our Aluflex Aluminium edge system will provide an easy guide for the required depth of resin bound stone to ensure maximum cost-efficiency for the installation. The edge is fitted under the grid system and pinned securely by ground anchors

        The EcoGrid resin system is mixed in an industry standard force mixer and then floated over the top of the filled grid. Our resin is fully UV stable 

        Levels of depth of the resin bound system are maintained with the edge detail.


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